2017 Raffle


Welcome to the 2017 NJF&C Raffle!  Over the coming weeks and months this page will provide updates on this years raffle.  Come back soon to find out what the prizes will be this year!!


Needham Junior Football players will be selling tickets between August 14 – October 5, 2017.

Needham Junior Cheerleaders will be selling tickets between August 21 – October 12, 2017


Raffle tickets are now for sale!


Below are the incentives for Football Players, if they sell:


2 Books of Raffle Tickets


4 Books of Raffle Tickets


6 Books of Raffle Tickets


If each player on the TEAM sells 2 Books of Raffle Tickets, all players will receive a personalized shirt!


Help support your local football and cheer program today!


If you have any questions regarding the raffle and fundraising for NJF&C please reach out to Dina Hannigan, the board member responsible for these activities, at dina_renee@hotmail.com