Equipment Information

Provided by Needham Junior Football

The following items are provided by Needham Junior Football. If you are considering purchasing any of these items for your child, please speak with someone from Needham Junior Football to be sure you have all of the required information.

Included Items

  1. Helmet * (professionally inspected every two years; retired after six years)
  2. Shoulder pads
  3. Girdle (holds two hip pads and a tailbone pad)
  4. Hip Pads (2)
  5. Tailbone Pad (1)
  6. Practice Pants (holds two thigh pads and two knee pads)
  7. Thigh Pads (2)
  8. Knee Pads (2)
  9. Practice Jersey
  10. Game Pants
  11. Game Jerseys (2 – home and away)
  12. Mouthguard **
  13. Belts (2 – carefully cut to length and melt the end)

* Do not purchase a tinted visor; only clear visors are allowed
** Hypo Allergenic.  Provided and custom mouthguards must be strapped to helmet facemask



NOT provided by Needham Junior Football

Required Items:

  1. Cleats (can be multi-purpose cleats; no baseball spikes)
  2. Protective Cup
  3. Water Bottle (large w/ the player’s name on it)

Optional Items:

  1. Under Armour (short-sleeved for warm days; long-sleeved for cold days)
  2. Gloves (to protect hands during contact)
  3. Arm and Rib-Back Pads (Recommendation: Do not purchase until after contact has started)
  4. Socks

Football Sizes:

  • Team A & B (Wilson TDY)
  • Team C &D (Wilson TDJ)
  • Team E (Wilson K2)

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